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You will now be able to buy our computer art for $19.99 or less per digital print.....for a short time only

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 Original Computer graphics in black/white

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Digitally modified Originals in black/white 

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 Digitally modified Originals in colour

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Original Computer graphics in colour 

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1969 -1972

Created by Frank Boettger 

...way ahead of its time

Frank Boettger, Computer Software Artist, 1973

 Frank Boettger, Computer Software Artist, Munich 1969

 Frank Boettger working on a Swedish numerically controlled drafting machine in Munich/Germany, 1969, creating the designs. The images were drawn with mathematical expressions but are not true vector images as the originals have been photographed for printing purposes. 

(See also-> History)

line drawings, computer art, graphic art

Imagine this larger 80 x 80 cm Vintage Computer Design on the wall of your office, shop or your home (without the COPYRIGHT stamp) 

See approximately 50 different designs in our Gallery

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wall hangings, pictures, computer art

BEFORE:      a lounge room 

AFTER:   WOW, a lounge room

vintage computer art, digital art, Computerkunst, Computer Grafiken
Modern art, prints, graphic art, Wandbilder, Grafiken, Gallerie fuer Computerkunst

 Please note that the 'Moiree' effect (swirly patterns) seen here, will not be in the digital prints that you purchase.

 Why digital ??

Since we can't be everywhere, in Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Vancouver, Bejing, a small town in Slovenia or even in Joondalup/Western Australia, the artist and copyright owner Frank Boettger will allow you to create your own product with our designs. It makes no sense to send a large 80x80 cm picture in a heavy frame by mail, the handling costs, packaging and postage would be unjustified. Buying the digital print from us at the lowest possible price, is a better way to go. Your local print shop or photoshop will happily turn your digital prints into awesome wall hangings either as a framed picture behind glass or on canvas. As you hold a digital print, they can also change the colour of your design with no problem at all. You can easily send your digital print(s) in an email or on a USB stick to the print shop. If you want to market your product, a large canvas sells for hundreds of Dollars.

Of course, if you wish to buy a finished product from us and are prepared to pay for printing, framing, packaging and transport costs, we will be happy to discuss price.

This world is going DIGITAL and we can't stop it...

"Digital Flower" 

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"Digital World" 

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"Digital Wave"

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"Digital Wings" 

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 ... because DIGITAL is lightning fast, it reaches all corners of the world in an instant, transport costs are zero, no packaging necessary, your digital print arrives in absolute perfect condition.